I'm from Zambia, Africa, and one would probably wonder how I came in contact with The Feynman Lectures on Physics . I'm 24 years old and my quest into physics and math have just outwit me.

I began by reading a book titled "What Do You Care What Other  People Think?". I found a unique sense of intelligence so I tried to find more reading. My research on Feynman landed me on what later became my source of inspiration each day I woke up. I managed to buy Feynman's famous lectures on cassette. I bought volume one which is pretty much basic quantum theory.

In my country I was a teacher; teaching VIII and IX grade math and science. Though I only listened to audio, I was able to picture what type of a teacher he was. This gave me so much encouragement that before I went to class I had to listen to his presentation and almost took after him. My friend who once observed my class figured at once why I listened to Feynman so much.

It's one random thing to find a person in the center of Africa listening to physics lectures by Feynman.

I think he is an amazing person. What amazes me is that he figured out what his fiancÚ suffered from when doctors were struggling. It took him minutes to figure out the cause of the Colombia disaster when everyone else was arguing. That is simply phenomenal.

Lawrence Mindela,

Zambia, Africa