Errata for Feynman's Tips on Physics

Lists of errata for Feynman's Tips on Physics: a problem-solving supplement to The Feynman Lectures on Physics ('FTP,' 2005).


Errata found in the first hardback printing (some also occur in the second and third printings; all were corrected in the 4th printing):

FTP_1st_Printing_Errata (last updated 9/10/16)


Errata found in the fourth hardback printing:

FTP_4th_Printing_Errata  (last updated 5/10/10)


Errata found in the 1st paperback printing:

FTP_1st Papeback_Printing_Errata  (last updated 8/19/2013)


(How to tell which printing of the Feynman's Tips on Physics you have)


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