I have to say that I had never heard of R.P. Feynman throughout my undergraduate years. I first picked up ďSurely Youíre Joking Mr. FeynmanĒ a few months ago because I was looking for something to read that was out of my usual collection of books. Immediately I was hooked. Prof. Feynman is incredible in the sense that he isnít afraid to ask questions and on top of that, heís a joker. He never seemed to take things too seriously. Sometimes people feel that if youíre not serious that youíre not educated or important in some sense, but Feynman reinforced my belief that you can be funny and intelligent. I loved the book and have picked up several others. I canít afford the entire collection of his lectures, but Iím saving up for it. I canít stop talking about him. He has sparked an interest in physics that I hadnít had when I took physics in college. I have to say though he makes me want to learn more and that I feel is what all educators should strive for. As a mentor and role model to many youth in my community I feel that setting a good example is one of the keys to young peopleís success. So, I thank you and everyone else who contributed to making info on Prof. Feynman available to the rest of us to enjoy and learn from. Thanks again.

Sam Rubio