Almost seven years ago (at the age of 36), I plopped in a CD from the Richard P. Feynman “Six Easy Pieces” audio/book set.  My life was forever changed!


My previous school years dealt with the social sciences and law.  Never before had I witnessed such a beautiful description of nature at its most fundamental level (physics).  I became completely consumed by my newfound interest in science and, thereafter, read numerous books on physics and astronomy – including many of Feynman’s now famous physics lectures (as well as the corresponding audio CDs which truly present Feynman at his best – before a live audience).  Moreover, I have become an avid amateur astronomer (especially in the field of binary stars) and routinely volunteer my time in various community projects on behalf of JPL/NASA (as a “Solar System Ambassador”).  I also recently completed two online certificate courses in physics and astronomy.  My current study (for now at least) involves the first twenty chapters of Feynman’s “Lectures on Physics” book (Vol. I).  Feynman has made me think in ways that no other teacher has before.  And he made me truly appreciate learning - just for the “fun” of it.


I work in law enforcement where I see misery every day (unfortunately).  Professor Feynman simply takes me away from it all – especially when I listen to him talk on CD.  I suddenly think about positive things (Nature) and forget about all the bad things.  Of course, his sense of  humor is second to none too.  I have even convinced my wife that physics CAN be fun when Feynman teaches the subject . [She hated physics in high school!].


Thank you, Professor Feynman.  I frequently share your wisdom with my three sons (especially our seven-year old who absolutely loves astronomy and math!).  Your outstanding legacy clearly lives on in the hearts and minds of many people.  What an accomplishment indeed!




Jerry L. Garner

Owensboro, Kentucky


P.S. The new “Feynman’s Tips on Physics” book is also outstanding – THANK YOU!  The first three chapters [along with Feynman’s enjoyable lectures on “Motion” (Vol. I/Chp. 8 – an excellent primer on calculus!) and “The Motion of Planets Around the Sun” (book/audio CD)] have been especially useful to me as I self-study mechanics and relativity.