When I was an undergraduate student, my introductory physics professor seemed to present the material in a very understandable format.  Each week we had reading assignments from the standard text of the day (1976) along with problems to be solved and presented during the sessions with the graduate teaching assistant.  The difficulty that I encountered was that the professor’s presentations in class had NOTHING to do with the material assigned in the book.  We struggled with the assignments as the lectures did not correlate with the text and problems.  Furthermore, the examination material came from the lectures, only.  I went to the library to look for another textbook and came across a three volume paperbound edition of The Feynman Lectures on Physics.  I was astounded to find that my professor’s lectures came, almost directly page for page – illustration for illustration, from Dr. Feynman’s text.  I kept my discovery quiet – as I did not want to embarrass my professor.  I purchased my own copy of that three volume set and was able to perform very well on the examinations – the problems came straight from the text, too. 

James S. Andersen